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Three Steps to a Better Smile

Everyone wants a better smile. A good smile can open many doors for you. If you aren't satisfied with your smile follow these tips to make it better.

Smile With Your Eyes

The eyes are a window to the soul
You might have heard the phrase before. But you probably didn't realize how true it is. you can tell is someone is genuinely smiling just by looking at their eyes. A true smile is sometimes referred to as a Duchenne smile after the french physician who first identified this phenomenon.
A true smile uses the muscles of the mouth as well as a the obicularis oculi, a muscle around the eyes. This muscle lifts the cheeks and squints the eyes. It is also the muscle that gives you crows feet, the wrinkles that can occur around the eyes.
Bottom line if you want your smile to appear genuine you need to let it show in your eyes.

Smile With Your Teeth

A true smile also exposes your teeth. So if you want your smile to be awesome you have to get your teeth into top shape.
  • Color - White teeth are the standard of beauty. Luckily whiter teeth are relatively easy to achieve. There are numerous over the counter methods and if your teeth are the kind that don't whiten easily there are many other solutions.
  • Shape - Crooked teeth are unattractive according to society. If your teeth are crooked a quick visit to the dentist will let you know what your options are for straightening it out.
  • Gums - If you have some kind of periodontal disease or your smile is particularly gummy you might be a little apprehensive about showing it to people. Good hygiene habits are a the best way to start. But you might also want to visit a periodontist to see what they can do for you.
When you aren't self conscious about your teeth it is much easier to show people a real smile.


Sounds silly right? Standing in front of the mirror pasting on a grin. But the more you smile the happier you are the happier you are the more you smile.
When you are comfortable with your smile it will come to you more easily. Your confidence will show and people will want to be around you.
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